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I'm a 34 year old Multimedia Designer & Producer

My name is Sean Malvey and I have been a multimedia designer for over 12 years. Since moving to Philadelphia back in 2007 I have been inspired by not only the fantastic historical architecture of the city but also by the creative and inviting people I have encountered. Attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia allowed me to meet other creatives and be inspired by their designs while also meeting some of my closest friends who have been instrumental in my development as an artist.

With my bachelor’s degree in 3d animation and my year of education in web design I was able to get a job working for the Philadelphia apartment rental company, University City Housing. While working for UCH I learned a ton about all aspects of design and was able to hone my web design skills and develop my own style. Being the only person on the design team for the first 3 years with UCH pushed me to master other areas of marketing including photography, videography and social media management. This position also taught me how to be a self-starter and carry a project from its very beginning stages to its final implementation.

While working for UCH I also started my own business, Axeadelphia. Axeadelphia is built around the sport of axe throwing which is growing in popularity throughout the US. Starting this business taught me a ton about effective marketing techniques and specific targeting with ads. I also have been producing monthly videos for Axeadelphia since July of 2017. These videos have taught me a ton about editing and boosting your SEO through youtube. During this time my brother and I produced an award winning documentary centered around the sport of axe throwing and how it started here in Philadelphia back in 2016.

For the past year and a half I've gotten the chance to work for Brandywine Reality Trust, where I was able to obtain my commercial drone license and learn more about working with clients and managing larger teams to produce video and web content.

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what i do.

web design

I designed my first major website in 2013 and have since developed my own personal style. All photos, videos and graphics on my websites were created by myself.

Social Media

Working for UCH taught me how to set up marketing events, special giveaways and extra incentives for prospects while the creation of Axeadelphia only helped to expand upon my knowledge of specific audience targeting and online sales.

Graphic design

I absolutely love creating graphics for all forms of media. I am constantly looking at other designer's work and doing design tutorials online to continue to develop my style.


In the past couple years I have gotten very into photography. While it started just being photographs of the apartments managed by UCH it quickly expanded to event photography, employee headshots and product shots.


One of my favorite things to do is produce videos. Every job since college has involved some form of video production. From apartment tours with UCH to event promos for Kick Axe Axe Throwing.

Product Design

Since I created Axeadelphia I have been designing products from sketch to production. I was able to secure a manufacturer in Hong Kong, a process which taught me a lot about speaking with manufacturers and negociating the best price on the products.

recent work.

Here's some of my recent work

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  • Videography
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • photography
  • Product Design

Discovery Point Promo Video

Video produced and edited to promote the Discovery Point neighborhood coming to the DC area.

OSU Pitch Video

Produced and edited to show off Brandywine Reality Trust and why they are the best developer for the job.

Plymouth Meeting Executive Campus

Plymouth Meeting Executive Campus features 4 fully renovated buildings and this video showcases them through photo and video.

Berwyn Park Office Campus

The managers at Berwyn Park wanted to showcase their recent interior renovations with a short promotional video.

Interactive Tour of Schuylkill Yards

This interactive tour of Schuylkill Yards was created as a tool for realtors to sell the vacant building space and promote the new neighborhood.

Schuylkill Yards Website Redesign

Complete redesign of the Schuylkill Yards website created using blocks created in ceros and putting them into wordpress to achieve more dynamic animations.

Summit Park Communities

Summit Park Communities is a 4 property community with a resort style pool and an on-site bar and grill.

University City Housing

University City Housing is an apartment management company that rents affordable housing to students and young adults.


Axeadelphia is a community page built around the growing sport of axe thowing.

Kick Axe Throwing Menu

An updated food menu for Kick Axe Throwing in Old City Philadelphia.

Kick Axe Throwing Signage

Rack cards and street signs for Kick Axe Throwing in Philadelphia and Brooklyn.

Escape Room Live Print Graphics

Print graphics created for local marketing and sales at Escape Room Live.

Kick Axe Throwing Marketing Packet

Marketing packet for Kick Axe Throwing in Philadelphia and Brooklyn.

Choppers Hatchet House Signage

Graphics displayed throughout the facility at Choppers Hatchet House.

Choppers Hatchet House Flyers

Flyers for events and specials happening at Choppers Hatchet House.

Carriage Hill Apartments Map

A map created for the office of Carriage Hill Apartments.

Salem Harbour Apartments Map

A map created for the office of Salem Harbour Apartments.

Bullzeye Trading Cards Brand

Logo, branding, and card design created for Bullzeye Trading Cards.

Axeadelphia Axe Wednesdays

Design for weekly social media posts reviewing axes.

Carriage Hill Apartments Branding

Marketing materials for Plymouth Meeting apartments, Carriage Hill.

UCH Business Cards

Business cards for the properties managed by University City Housing.

Kick Axe Throwing Event Photography

Photography at Kick Axe Throwing events and league nights as well as promotional materials.

Choppers Hatchet House Event Photography

Photography at Choppers events and league nights as well as promotional materials.

Summit Park Event Photos

Event photography at Summit Park Communities.

Architectural Photography

Pictures taken of UCH properties since 2013.

Drone Photography

Drone shots featuring UCH properties and public buildings.

Going Clutch : Award Winning Documentary

Award winning documentary shot, produced, and partially edited by Sean Malvey.

Choppers Turkey Hunt Instructional Video

Learn how to throw the special Choppers Hatchet House holiday game - Turkey Hunt

Choppers Hatchet House Promo Video

Promo video for Choppers Hatchet House in Cherry Hill NJ.

Kick Axe Throwing Promo Video

Promo video for Kick Axe Throwing in Philadelphia PA.

Kick Axe Throwing League Highlight Slideshow

Slideshow featuring photography I took during a league at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn.

How To Throw An Axe

Instructional axe throwing video shot at Urban Axes - 20k views.

Summit Park Memorial Day Weekend

Slideshow video showing off event pictures from Summit Park Memorial Day.

Take Your Axe Throwing Game To The Next Level

Instructional video showing people how to improve their throwing game - 4.3k views.

Shopro Axe Bottle Opener

Product designed using illustrator and created through a manufacturer in Hong Kong.

Leviathan Axe Bottle Opener

Leviathan axe bottle opener based on the weapon weilded by Kratos in God of War 4.

Axeadelphia Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins created to help promote the business and work as giveaway items. - Sold Out


Positive Reviews


Videos Edited


Projects completed


Axe Throwing Tournament Wins


My Location:

1759 N Mascher Street, Philadelphia PA 19122

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(+1) 215 384 4622

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